Natural Farming
no chemicals
Our Sources

In a world where canned goods and hormone-induced foods are considered as a staple, Yasmin Farms bloomed to make its own natural, pesticide-, additives- and hormone-free world that supplies every home in Kuwait with fresh and healthy foods.

Located in the fertile soil of Wafra in the southern area of Kuwait, Yasmin Farms is over 300,000 sq meters and home to over 10,000 animals across cows, chicken, goats and other. Yasmin Farms is the only farm in Kuwait that has a comprehensive cycle that effectively and safely utilizes its farm animals.

Another naturally fresh commodity Yasmin Farms brings to the table is its wide range of vegetables that are available across Kuwait through Farmers Market’s distribution network. Yasmin Farms is the main manager behind eco-friendly operations in the farm including processing animal manure to make fertilizer, maintaining the water treatment plant as well as manufacturing the Company’s very own plastic containers; that are fully recyclable (even the labels).

In addition to it’s own produce, Farmer’s Market aids local farmers adopting the required farming standards to sell their product.


Understanding that not all products can be farmed in Kuwait’s environment year-around, Farmer’s market imports key produce items from reputable high-quality producers all across the globe.