From our fresh, natural vegetables to the wide range of dairy products and free-range eggs, everything we offer comes from Mother Nature. So it is of no surprise that all our operations have her wellbeing in mind.
We at Kuwait Agro have taken various measures to ensure environmentally friendly operations that safeguard the environment as well as enhance our output.

Solar panels: Being in one of the sunniest places on earth has proven to be an asset. We at Kuwait Agro have made the best use of the sun’s powerful rays by installing solar panels as an alternative and healthier source of energy for our factory and farms.

Reuse & recycle: Some farms see cow manure as an obstacle, but not us. Instead of ridding ourselves from cow waste, we use it as natural fertilizer for everything we grow on our farms. Another resource we reuse is water. One of the many technologies that we are proud of is our water treatment plant, a tool that provides us with the opportunity to acquire clean, reusable water. While we work to reuse the natural resources we utilize on a daily basis, we also make efforts in recycling materials we enjoy every day including plastic, paper and glass.

As a family-owned company, we at an asset. have taken stringent measures to improve the level of quality at the workplace and products we offer. Just as we value coming home to a secure and comforting place, Kuwait Agro's management has made great advances to create a safe and sound working environment, starting from the implementation of a documented HSE Management System to the company’s firm compliance with Kuwait’s EPA regulations. Apart from its pollution-free work environment, Kuwait Agro also provides its employees with on-the-job comfort by hiring two chefs who spoil them with fresh, free and delicious meals every day and supplying all members with uniforms. Kuwait Agro's dedication to a thriving and positive work environment is reflected in the goods it provides to every home in Kuwait.

Kuwait Agro is in the process of obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification by TUV-SD, one of the world’s leading certification bodies. Kuwait Agro's continuous efforts in improving food safety will soon be recognized with its acquirement of the ISO 2200 HACCP certification, a milestone that highlights the company’s strict commitment to providing only the safest and most natural foods to Kuwait.

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